Social networking and shopping for music 17:45 on Friday

With lots of new music appearing on shopping sites every week, even thousands of electronic releases on a single site, finding the good ones, the right ones for you, becomes impossible.

People around you who share, or just know your tastes are probably the most dependable source of recommendations. As you might know, I’m not a big fan of recommendation algorithms nor tagging and wisdom of crowds type of recommendations.

What I would like to see was for a music download site to create a way to recommend specific tracks to specific friends. I can recommend music through iLike though. And that’s fine, but it hardly translates into … well, anything. As a convenience for the users, and especially as a business opportunity for a shopping site, integrated recommendations would be neat. (Foryourears guys are you listening? ;)

It would work somewhat like this: Users could add friends to their buddy list. When they surf the site and come across something a friend would like, they could quickly select the friend from a list and a link to the recommended link would be saved for the friend.

At the receiving end all 2.0 options should be supported, from checking the recommendations at the site, getting email notifications, to (of course) an RSS feed of recommendations with direct links to a buy page. Instead of an algorithm generated weekly email of shitty suggestions, there would be an RSS feed with a stream of tracks the user would be very likely to like. And buy.

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