Random notes on bad software 09:13 on Tuesday

When you have nothing to say you can always complain. So I will bitch and moan a little. Take it with appropriate seriousness.

A few random notes to PowerPoint developers:

  • Inserting a page number on the Master Slide means I want a page number on my slides. Yes, really. On all of them, please.
  • If I align my body text to the right on the Master, I would expect it to be aligned, well, right. Not like this:
PowerPoint title alignment

A note to developers of Saunalahti web site:

  • If you have two mutually exclusive options, those are traditionally represented by radio buttons, not two checkboxes. Also, one could think it would be much easier to implement the radio buttons instead of the two error messages required to handle the completely unnecessary problem scenarios afforded by this extraordinary UI gem. See for yourself:
Saunalahti error screen

Silly UI ideas part 633: Word's transparent palette

A tip to Microsoft’s Mac developers:

  • Yes, reducing the amount of unnecessary clutter on the screen by unobtrusively transitioning unused UI elements out of the view is a good idea. But fading out stuff into a semi-transparent mess that “reveals your important document beneath” is only clever in theory:

A hint to SOHO Organizer developers:

  • When a new user downloads your software, you’ve got one chance to impress. Hence, creating a dead slow behemoth of unnecessary featuritis is a Really Bad Idea (zoomable contact info view, anyone?).
  • When I uninstall your crappy software, you are the one who should really know what you installed 10 minutes ago. In fact, you wrote it into a 1.3MB install log, so why not look there and not ask the user stupid questions:
SOHO Organizer uninstaller

Some points to consider if you’re one of the unfortunate consultants behind Adobe’s Open Options licensing program:

“For security reasons”, you have implemented a password which must be impossible to remember and each user will write it on a post-it note which they will keep next to their computer at all times.

Also, I would rethink these gems of helpful content:

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