Customers vs. users 09:07 on Monday

Recently in a wedding I ended up chatting with a guy called Mikko. He works at a bank, selling loans and other “products” a bank offers. Although he didn’t say it in these words, quite soon into the discussion I realized he was very much interested in customer experience (as defined by Creative Good, among others).

When he asked about my interests, I listed user experience as one. But at that moment I realized it never quite felt… complete enough. I wanted to say “I’m doing stuff with computers but really I’m interested in the same you’re doing to your customers”.

In contrast to use experience, customer experience encompasses to me everything a person has to do with a company, from branding to phone support to the seats of the waiting hall. That felt too broad to describe my interest.

The discussion gave me a blink moment (perhaps ten years too late) that there are different angles to customer experience and it’s perfectly ok to be interested in only one of them. His angle was how to tune the interaction between bank customers and the bank so as not to alienate the customers when they’re being sold to.

I’m interested in another facet of it, influencing better customer experience through the means of creating better software.

Maybe. I’ll swing another way if I find I was wrong.

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