How does hydrogen power work? 10:08 on Thursday

Thank you BMW for compacting the explanation of hydrogen power to something even I can now remember forever:

Electricity generated from solar power is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere, while hydrogen is liquefied and stored at a very low temperature (-253 °C). By cooling hydrogen to -253 degrees Celsius, hydrogen is shrunk to a thousandth of its original volume.

During internal combustion, the hydrogen combines with oxygen. The resulting energy powers the vehicle, while the hydrogen is returned to the environment as water.

Never minding the potential explosive energy of something shrunk into 1/1000 of its volume, hydrogen power sounds pretty sweet.

6 Responses to “How does hydrogen power work?”


  1. samantha Says:

    how is hydrogen concentrated and stored in a barbecue canister type of thing…considering it creates a lot less toxic emissions than coal or other methods..

  2. corbin Says:

    that’s just stupid because you barely have any info

  3. Stephen Says:

    Very interesting, even with the little information this could be possible. But it would take time of course, but hydrogen power would be a very revolutionized power source. But the reason why information is short is because there hasn’t been much study on it. There needs to be because eventually fossil fuels will dwindal away, its not renewable. But hydrogen energy is. Maybe in the future we would find other ways to gather mass amounts of hydrogen. Oh how this is interesting, so can’t wait for this project to come to life.

  4. Jazmyne Says:

    Hydrogen is a source of energy like electric current.

  5. ben waldron Says:

    fuck this bullshit article its full of shit…. i failed my science class because of this. FUCK YOU ASS HOLE

  6. Katie Says:

    Thanks This Will Help Me on My Project