Another sucky Nokia phone (a rant… again) 23:06 on Sunday

I’ll start by saying I am very disappointed in technology.

After my Nokia N90 started having daily thinking breaks (again), I finally decided to ease my mind and let go of the brick. So, I went and bought a nicely designed, clean, steel covered Nokia 6300.

But why is it that every time I take a new Nokia home I feel like shit? I feel just slightly cheated, uneasy comparing the money spent to what I got. See, after 30 minutes it was evident that not even the Series 40 platform is free from the creeping complexity that plagues S60 devices. My pet peeve is those fucking folders! Do you know anyone who organizes the stuff on their mobile in folders? And of course, two sets of almost identical folders, one for internal memory and one for memory card. Yeah, memory management is what users love to do, especially through a stamp-sized lens.

I could not get email to work because of SSL problems, couldn’t get the Gmail Java app to fetch any emails, internet related settings were hidden in a menu that did not make sense, at least in the Finnish translation. Sending a text message is made freaking complex. For the life of me I simply can not figure out how this relatively simple task gets more complex with every fucking new phone? In other apps, the menus are full of options for things that make no sense to me or are not supported by the operator. Why?

[Update 14.6.2007] Gmail app works now. The problem was due to default Sonera settings in the phone overriding the new settings sent by the operator. Sending text messages is quite pleasurable once you get into the habit of using the previous recipients list.

And speaking of text messages, I could not find any way of transferring my few saved messages out of the N90.

Yes, the 6300 is way faster than N90, it has a better calendar, a better music player (doesn’t matter though as I don’t use it), a better alarm clock… lots of improvements over the “superior” S60 device. Yet, I feel like taking the phone back to the store — which of course is not possible, because buying a phone is an entertaining game of “pay a few hundred euros and guess what you get, no returns!”

[Update 14.6.2007] Don’t feel like taking it back anymore. I’m lovin’ it. My custom Flash Lite screensaver plays a part though.

Another thing I wonder about is, how on earth is there no single Nokia phone with an actually stylish software design? One freaking phone model with no aliased graphics, no lame “3D” icons, no banded gradients, no “was kinda cool in early 80s but not really” digital clock font, no fucking ugly outlined text, no lines of text truncated at the middle of screen (there’s still another 50% of pixels available!).

Sigh… I just feel like I’ve shelled out money for crap. Again. At least I did not pay the 30% price premium at Nokia Flagship Store.

I’ll be more cheerful tomorrow, I promise.

12 Responses to “Another sucky Nokia phone (a rant… again)”


  1. Tina Aspiala Says:

    Didn’t we meet the guy responsible for the N-series software interface at reboot? He sounded so sad and apologetic about it sucking that I didn’t have the heart to grill him about WHY it sucked.

    At least you didn’t buy the Sirocco.

  2. helppo Says:

    And still Nokia phones are quite OK compared to the other phones available in the market. I’ve had to factory reset my Nokia E60 twice in 9 months because sending SMS gets slower and slower over time. Now the phone locks up for about 20 seconds while it “sends” the SMS. Sad.

  3. Niko Says:

    Thanks for the reminder, with no gmail access in the 6300 I almost started to think about a new S60 device. Now I won’t.

  4. Jasmo Says:

    Buy a E90 and you’ll not have any problems anymore! ;)

  5. Peppe Says:

    Buy a Nokia and the problems are sure to appear. ;-)

    Just to be fair: Nokia’s so-called Smart Phones aren’t the worst in the world. Which phone would have the 2007 Phone Raspberry Award? Any ideas? (Nevertheless, Niko’s N90 is/was quite high in the ranks, I’d say…) :-D Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – has ever needed that much deep understanding, acceptance and patience.

    Using a Smart Phone reminds me of – not making love to a beautiful woman, but living in a remote location, being forced to have sex with a prostitute (’cause there’s no-one else within 1000 miles and you’re going crazy), only to find day after day she’s actually got a pair of balls, dodgy boobjob, slight beard growth here and there, stinky breath, a crab family and a healthy dose of HepC. And still you need the services provided by (s)he/it because you need to connect. With people.

  6. ville Says:

    I’m positively surprised about N95

  7. Niko Says:

    Ville, you’re the third person to say that. There must be something there. At least a lot of enthusiasm. ;)

  8. Peppe Says:

    This is going to be a long one.

    Every time I’ve approached N95 in a local cell phone store or a phone dealer, it’s been locked. Not “locked” security-wise, but due to software bugs or whatever. It seems that there’s an “evil gang of baggypant youngsters walking around, locking up all the N95s with seemingly random key presses”, according to a salesman from Verkkokauppa . :-D

    At Stockmann, a shop geezer told me “they’ve put in a security program” just to keep people from “doing harm”, i.e., testing a product. I finally got my hands on one (they took the battery off and back on just to “halt the program”, yeah right), used it for a short while, slided the cover back and forth, opened two or three applications – and it froze (not due network operations without a SIM card). Obviously, I was mistaken as a baggypant youngster by the “security program” :-D

    Personally, I really, really considered getting an N95 but gave up due to the fact it was practically impossible to test it due to aforementioned aspects – and that most of the phone retailers are fucking 3rd class 2nd-hand-car-salesmen-wannabes. So, in theory, I was positively surprised about the N95 as well: I saved a heck a lotta money not buying it. A friend of mine got it and true, it’s been working surprisingly well. Until I found out he had been using it only for talking and sending SMSs.

    So I’ll stick to my N80 until Apple Phone arrives. It may easily be Apple’s shittiest pile of crap, but even if it were so, it still would be miles ahead Nokia’s best product. I can say this proud and loud because I’ve been using both brands for a REALLY long time. I’ve had 18 phones now, 12 of them were made by Nokia. 10 of those 12 were somewhat unfinished products. The two winners? 8210 and 8250, about 6 years ago.

  9. Sulka Says:

    N95 is ok. Only UI complaint I have relates to the features that seem like the marketing department put it in to make the stuff cooler. For example, I wish I could just remove the weird “cool” menu with strange icon rollovers that starts when I slide the cover to expose the media player buttons.

    For some reason Nokia is also shipping the phones with beta-quality firmware – there’s a world of difference between the phone’s stability and operating speed in firmware versions 10 and 11. The phones in the stores probably are running v10 which from marketing standpoint is just insane.

  10. duvin Says:

    Just to let you guys know, I actually bought a Windows Mobile device (HTC TyTN) and I’m seriously surprised. No hard resets, no hanging applications, no problems whatsoever (and my middle name is Anti-Microsoft!).

  11. geoff lan Says:

    i agree duvin. the windows mobile device surprised me as i too hate microsoft. it however comes in to handy when ever i use peekamo.com.

  12. A.J Says:

    what do you mean when u say that it works well with peekamo? Doesnt Nokia run on a program called mosh?