Reboot 9.0 conclusions 22:08 on Thursday

It’s almost a week since Reboot already but hey, have to say something about it. Because…

Reboot is way ahead of other conferences. Like, 7.0 further than others. And I can say this with such confidence that can only live in someone who has not actually been to any other conference in the last two years.

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Matt Webb‘s talk, Products are people too, deserves a special mention for maximum rebootyness. Wouldn’t have expected anything less from him though. I also met his partner at Schulze & Webb, Jack, who’s tall. Jack and Tina entertained me with their obsessed conversation about 3D printing, scanning objects, lathes, nurbs, splines, properties of exotic metal alloys and jewelry.

I kind of enjoy being in the company of people who are smart and obsessed. The topic of their interest doesn’t matter that much.

It was excellent to meet Sig again, hear him explain Thingamy to people and hear Sig and Tina (who had never met before) have another obsessed talk about boats and a remote place that had a special meaning to both of them.

This following paragraph I thought to leave out, but what the hell…

What I did not enjoy was the realization that among all the smart, nice and open people there are some who are looked upon, but can actually be quite a bunch of assholes when confronted with views that conflict with their own. Great thinkers who sass you off if you challenge their visions with, well, reality. People who preach openness and yet will find a stereotype by which to categorize you by any small thing you let out of your mouth. People you’ve never met and yet from the first minute they’re eager to tell you who you are. Bullies of the part-time wannabe-philosopher crowd. At worst such narrow-mindedness can bring a personal brain reboot to a halt.

In any case, I can happily attest my mind has been successfully rebooted. Like last year, I’m thinking of all the cool concepts I will actually make happen in the coming 12 months. Let’s see if I actually get anything done, like I didn’t last year. And in the end it doesn’t even matter that much whether I do or not. A successful reboot makes you think about what you’re doing day to day and is that taking you to where you want to be. This thinking is important in itself.

Big thanks to all the people who made the conference for me apart from those already mentioned (in arithmetically randomized order): Chris, Tom Armitage, Matt Jones, Fiona, Charlie, Olle, all the friends from Finland (Jaiku and Valve), and everyone else I talked to but have not mentioned by name (I blame my bad memory).

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  1. tom Says:

    Niko – great to meet you too. Lots of fun hanging out in various locations (usually not too far from beer), and pretty good conference to boot. Glad you enjoyed yourself – I certainly did. Look forward to meeting again – at the next one, or maybe before.