Hotel Katajanokka 22:21 on Tuesday

The old Katajanokka prison has been re-opened as a Best Western hotel. If you’re coming to Helsinki and have 240 euros a night to spare, take a look… (actually, it’s only 88 euros right now!)

2 Responses to “Hotel Katajanokka”


  1. Tina Aspiala Says:

    No way! After all that talk about it becoming some kind of artists’ retreat? And it was a prison before, for Christ’s sake! That’s somehow sad and ironic all at once.

  2. Peppe Says:

    Hmh, better being a hotel than demolished and replaced with something else. However, I think the “Jailbird” restaurant won’t see the next year. It’s just a bit too “welcome-all-bachelor-and-polterabend-groups”-ish. Somehow I feel the image of the restaurant being in dissonance with the hotel interior. A bit like having ten smelly portaloos in front of Harrods. Not that I’m thinking Hotel Katajanokka being anywhere near the Harrods brand.

    Think of this: if Best Western is the McDonald’s of the hotel chains, what’s Wendy’s? KFC? Pizza Hut?