The projects that have kept me from blogging 21:44 on Monday

As you might have guessed from the lack of active blogging, I have kept pretty busy lately. Here are a couple of projects I have been working and I’m allowed to talk about.

Lekane identity and website

Lekane logo

Lekane is a company providing a suite of server and mobile handset software which expand contact centers to include mobile professionals. Think of some specialized knowledge experts doing their challenging work on the move (versus “sitting in a call center waiting for someone to call in and ask a basic question”). When a call comes in, the customer center (or maybe even the server, automatically..?) can route requests to selected experts’ mobile phone screens and the experts can pick up and answer the request depending on their situation.

Lekane website

With the help of the Pussel people, we created an identity for Lekane: a logo, a “minimized logo” for use as an icon for example, fonts, colors, layouts, the works. Business cards, PowerPoint, Word and InDesign layout templates were also delivered. On top of the identity and template work, I designed and developed the Lekane website running on WordPress, so the day I talk the Lekane guys over to blogging, they will be ready. ;)

All of this was pulled off with a somewhat tight budget and I think we did quite well with our “just do it” approach.

DJ Orkidea website

DJ Orkidea website

This one is still slightly under construction, but we released djorkidea.com nevertheless. Graphic design by the ever excellent Marko alias Polte Creative, and WordPress development by yours truly, with much needed Flickr integration help provided by Visa.

I am truly excited about this site and I think it will be the two-point-ohh of dj websites! Pardon me, but for once I will not spare my marketese: We aim to take user (or in this case, fan) interaction to a completely new level by letting people talk about any of DJ Orkidea’s gigs and automagically fetching and displaying photos by any Flickr user who chooses to use a dedicated Orkidea gig tag on their photos. Actually, users can talk about almost any page on the site, including Orkidea’s charted tracks, his releases, or the tracks he’s been playing on his most recent gigs.

And to finish off my geeky enthusiasm, I must mention that the contact page is microformatted to conform to the hCard specification!

There’s still more work in the pipeline and the book is in it’s final stages, so I don’t expect to be much more active in the coming month blogging-wise. But I’ll try to squeeze in a post every now and then.

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