A few notes from week 15 20:32 on Friday

On books

Change or Die cover

I finished two books, Change or Die by Alan Deutschman and Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. This significant achievement was accomplished by the revolutionary idea of reading during breakfast.

These books interlink in a strange way. Not sure if it’s because the ideas actually interlink, or because this is the first time I’ve read two books simultaneously. Change or Die proposes a three-fold model for changing, well, pretty much anything in life:

  1. Relate
  2. Repeat
  3. Reframe

In short: find company, things, ways, etc you can relate to, and live and act (even act out) according to your newfound inspiration. Repeat. A lot. And finally your thinking will start to change and you will be able to reframe your stubborn patterns of thought, ie. your frames.

Blink on the other hand discusses the underestimated and undervalued power of snap judgements, how they influence our actions, and even a little of how to cultivate your blink skill.

Maybe the common ground in these books is that your blink moments represent your unconscious, your frames of thinking. And Change or Die proposes a more thorough system of changing these frames.

On Jaiku

I started Jaikuin’ again. What inspired me on this unnecessary voyage was Tina’s practical Jaiku application number one: Taskmaster for the self-employed. Write down what you’re doing and you build imaginary peer pressure to actually do that. There’s never enough peer pressure on me.

And today I got a glimpse of something else. I saw in my contact stream that Roope went after an idea around open source luxury, I commented on it half-jokingly, which led my contacts to see my comment, which led Björn to click on to Roope’s original jaiku and write to say he’s written an article about new luxury. Or so I think. I assumed Roope and Björn didn’t know each other. Maybe they did.

Anyway, it was something of a high-speed social network effect (or something). Messages finding meaning on the way while moving along through the network of more or less trusted contacts.

And that above must be one of the most non-sensical “I know my social media” sentences ever written on this blog.

3 Responses to “A few notes from week 15”


  1. Björn J Says:

    Good example, because I don’t know Roope at all. That feature on Jaiku seemed annoying at first, but after this incident I see the genius of it.

  2. Niko Says:

    I guess this is something that might happen only rarely, so it comes down to if the happy incidents are worth the continuous annoyance.

  3. Tina Aspiala Says:

    If it worked, it could be like an intense Yahoo Answers, with fewer clueless answerers. Maybe one could re-jaiku a contact’s serious question, thereby broadcasting it to a larger contact group, causing more happy incidents. Or more annoyances, depending on how charitable you’re feeling.