Busy times ahead and behind 20:36 on Tuesday

Pardon my equivalent of cat blogging, ie. making you suffer the interesting stories of “what happened to me last week”.

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Last weekend I enjoyed PixelACHE, festival of electronic art and subcultures, for the first time in the six years of its existence. My excuse for finally visiting the event was that Juha asked me to give a 5 minute presentation on the accompanying Architectures for Participation seminar on Thursday. I spoke about LifeLines, a concept I’ve been dreaming of for years. In a twist of KLF-The-Manual logic, having put LifeLines out in the open, I probably will have to start doing something about it eventually. Presentation video/slides/notes/etc will be available at some point.

Then there’s the art — I went to see the VJ Jam (3 hours, 20 VJs and 3 DJs if I recall), two audiovisual performances and a small tasting menu of other performances and installations. And I now remember what it was like to be in art college.

The more art I see, the less I like the whole of it. Someone said art is good when it provokes questions, but the only question i could think of was “where’s the exit”… The “it’s not shit, you just don’t get it” mentality was delightfully absent, though. I felt free to either like it or hate it, and mostly I did not like it. I realize I’m a friend of “nice” things: it felt like every VJ and performer tried to be noisier, messier, rawer, more shocking than the next one. And for me the result was mostly boring nonsense.

A brilliant exception was Hexstatic, who I encourage everyone go see if possible. A DJ+VJ combo, two DVJ-1000s and lots of material from YouTube videos to sixties tv clips. Mixed with a eclectic combination of drum’n’bass and hits from the last 40 years.

Besides that, a publisher deal for our book, one identity design and two website projects underway, I joined forces with a friend of mine to double our Flash programming delivery capacity. More about that last news bit later on…

So no clever thoughts here. Just an update to fill this blog with something but emptiness. ;)

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