Where can I put all my to-dos? 23:27 on Friday

A big part of Highrise, the new IT thing (appropriate as you wish) from 37 Signals, seems to be to-dos. Any regular reader of my blog might recall to-dos have a special place in my heart and my hard drive.

I have not actually used Highrise, but it looks like the to-dos are separate from other 37 Signals apps. You know, you might have a project with to-dos going on in Basecamp, and you might log your discussions with a marketing agent on Highrise. But what if (or more like, when) the marketing effort becomes a project? You’ve got a communication trail and maybe even some to-do reminders for yourself in Highrise, but now you want to start communicating through Basecamp. Starts to sound difficult.

Add to this your personal shopping lists and other errands listed on [Backpack][4], and things start to get out of hand.

I believe, or want to believe the 37 Signals’ guys have a vision how all their mostly wonderful products fit together, but that vision is nowhere to be found. Maybe it is some hidden power knowledge not suitable for mere mortals. Again this comes down to the notion of explicit vs. implicit processes that come with software, which I would love to explain to you in detail, if I could. Maybe one day the thought becomes clear in my head.

Anyhoo, I have a proposed solution, an even easier solution (because it is technical) than a process (which is somewhat fuzzy) for using web apps effectively. All this desire to use technology to manage our stuff can be solved by managing the technologies that manage our stuff! I believe some brave entrepreneur 2.0 will come up with a to-do aggregation service. Sounds silly, doesn’t it? But it should happen, rather sooner.

2 Responses to “Where can I put all my to-dos?”


  1. keith Says:

    I’ve been using zirr.us for all of my to-do’s and really like it.

  2. helppo Says:

    I’m still using Post-it notes!