Drawing hand 23:48 on Wednesday

Hand drawing

I think I might possibly want to get back into drawing. Maybe.

This one I did while watching TV tonight. And my hand, obviously.

5 Responses to “Drawing hand”


  1. helppo Says:

    I’ve never seen you sign your creations with that name before!

  2. Niko Says:

    I guess it looks like C there.. it isn’t. ;)

  3. Niina Says:

    Nico: never seen your drawings before. I can draw only cats and dogs, so this is pretty impressing!

  4. Juansi Says:

    Joder!!!!!!!! I had no idea that you were such a good ┬┐drawer?. Drawer sounds so bad… “dibujante” in Spanish, it sounds much better for me :-). Please, keep on drawing and keep on sharing your art with us :-)

  5. Ria Says:

    great drawing. you should do it more. IMPRESSIVE!! good luck in the future. :)