ScanR 22:45 on Wednesday

ScanR lets you take photos of documents, whiteboards or business cards on your mobile, then send them to the service, and receive legible PDFs or JPGs in return. ScanR should even figure out contact info on biz cards and optionally send it directly to Plaxo.

Sounds too good to be true? It probably is. My user experience was pretty far from smooth. But props for the idea.

One Response to “ScanR”


  1. Philippe DEWOST Says:

    Sorry to hear that your user experience was far from smooth. You might want to try another mobile copy service and go to qipit.

    Qipit has been developed by Realeyes3D, the company that invented mobile scanning and demo’ed it at 3GSM in 2005. Please let me know how your experience goes with it.

    And as you are interested in disruptive technologies and paradigms, why don’t you also check Motionized™, one of their recently announced technologies for mobile handsets, that won the MobileMonday Jury Award in Barcelona ?