FeedRaider 22:32 on Friday

Feedraider is a web feed reader from the silicon valley of Scandinavia — in other words from here! Go Finland.

Nothing earth shaking happening there, but one small featurette caught my attention. In the river view, ie. a reverse chronological list of post titles, the list of posts is divided into blocks of time. “During last 6 hours”, “Today”, “during 48 hours”, “this week”, etc. Another useful (but missing) time divider would be “since last login”. Nevertheless, it’s a small detail, but a very useful one.

Let me explain. Having hundreds of unread items on my reader this is something that has been bugging me: when reading news the new items are the most relevant items. In Google Reader there’s no clear visual indication when I’m done reading, say, today’s news. It’s just a never ending, tedious stream of posts.

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