Hotel reviews and how to reward contributors 23:03 on Thursday

Continuing on the problem of incentives and user contributors, let’s take a hotel booking site, such as my favourite Yeego, as demonstration. The user contribution there are the extensive hotel reviews written by hotel guests. After returning from a trip you get a kind email asking you to write a review, so all reviews are from guests who booked through Yeego.

Here’s one idea how to select which contributors should be rewarded:

Let all site visitors rate on the helpfulness of the hotel reviews. In addition to (or instead of) letting guests review a hotel they’ve been to, ask those people to rate one or two reviews of the hotel as being accurate or not. These “one or two” could be selected among the reviews rated highest by all site visitors.

When a review has been confirmed by guests as being an accurate representation of the hotel, the reviewer would be rewarded. They could get extra Yeego points, making it cheaper for them to travel again using Yeego.

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  1. Justin Says:

    I came accross your very kind comments about Yeego. I am one of the consultants behind Yeego and I am VERY pleased that you can see the value in us acceping reviews by our Yeego customers ONLY. You seem to think along the same lines as us and you even suggest rewarding extra bonus points to clients for contributions, which is something that we are also seriously thinking about for the future. We also plan to add a lot more intercativity to the site so clients can write travel related stories, restaurant and attaraction reviews and a whole lot more. Of course this will not happen overnight but its certainly on the cards. Once again thanks for your kind comments.