Saving trees 10:16 on Tuesday

Five years, one month and nine days ago me and Visa got together to design a mark we could use on our PDF invoices to let people know they are saving trees by using PDF and not a printed and mailed invoice.

Save the Trees

Being known for my special methodology of NGTD, or Not Getting Things Done, it’s needless to say the emblem never took off.

But I’m glad there are others who do get things done. Seth Godin linked to the world’s first guerilla public announcement, These Come From Trees. A sticker campaign set to inform ignorant people / remind good people that paper, actually, does come from trees, believe it or not.

Buying a 100-pack for mere 14 euros right away to distribute to friends etc.

If you see these stickers and take a photo, post it on Flickr with the tag TCFT.

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