Sick Monday 11:13 on Monday

3rd day sick at home, this is turning into an anti-American day it seems.

I started the day by watching Control Room, a documentary about the Iraq war and Al-Jazeera news channel. It glimpses into western propaganda, in which many players (military personnel, mostly) seem blue-eyedly unaware of their involvement in the propaganda game, and arab propaganda, more openly fueled by rage. It clearly shows how no journalist is really objective — they stand by their own, be it their countrymen or other journalists. I most liked the US army representative who at the beginning tells all the journalists how the troops are here to liberate the people of Iraq and bring them freedom, then goes on to blame Al-Jazeera for showing “fake” pictures of civil casualties. A few days later he tells the camera how he shrugged over the images of dead Iraqians but got really upset seeing dead US marines on TV. And this realization of how he seemed to value lives differently, he says, “it made him feel truly sick and hate the war”. Completely horrifying, and must-see. Rent it.

After the DVD and a quick breakfast, I login to kill time reading feeds. The first link comes from Chris Sacca‘s delicious stream: ‘Terrorist’ Remark Puts Outdoorsman’s Career in Jeopardy. There’s a guy who’s obviously pro-gun, has a TV show, a magazine column, and whatnot, and he goes to say that assault weapons are not for friendly Americans to kill furry animals but for terrorists. The result? TV show cut off, column put to end, and a direct attack towards him from National Rifle Association.

All this reminds me of another documentary I watched a few weeks ago. I’ll start with a quiz: Name a country run by fundamentalists, with barely any to no separation of the church and state, tendency to solve problems with use of armed force, and where kids are taught with fear and prepared for God’s war? Now go watch Jesus Camp. The incomprehensible twistedness of the arguments in the documentary left me completely speechless.

This is a sick old world indeed.

For any Americans reading this: I know there are a lot of good people in the 330 million of you, but there’s simply too much madness for me to like the average of you. Don’t take it personally. (Unless you’re a gun-toting fundamentalist christian absorbed in the “truth” put forth by Bush and his secret Council of Evil.)

UPDATE: Thanks to the following provocative short film, I found the link I was looking for in the morning. The council link added above.

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