How not to involve customers 22:29 on Monday

There’s a big crowd-sourcing, customer collaboration project going here in Finland. I mean, big. The site has been advertised on TV during the last week like twenty times a day, once or twice every ad break, with special promotion by the channel hosts every now and then urging people to really, really visit the site. The whole shebang is backed by the biggest telecom operator in the country.

The idea is for people to shoot their own (mobile?) videos while doing a karaoke performance of a song of their liking. Then the hopefuls send the video to the service for free (well, standard MMS charges apply but who’s counting). And next, all the thousands of visitors to the site choose which video is the best.

The big incentive to take part in this competition is that the winner gets two backstage passes to a Eurovision song contest semifinal, and gets to perform their song on the big stage. Not bad, huh?

But here comes the kicker: it costs to watch the videos. Guess how many video submissions there are after a week or more of full on advertising campaign? Seventeen. 17. Watched in average by 45 people each.

If magic doesn’t happen, there’s a big chance this could go down as one of the worst customer collaboration project ever.

And here’s the link (delayed for added suspense) to the campaign page and the videos.

2 Responses to “How not to involve customers”


  1. Tina Aspiala Says:

    “Koira yrittää laulaa” and “viisuilua pöntöllä”…?!? I think they’re in trouble.

    Especially if, say, there was an online campaign, like the one that backed Lordi, to get one of the most ridiculous ones voted in?

  2. Niko Says:

    Well, at least there’s plenty of room for anyone who really wants to get on the Eurovision stage and sing. :)