MyFeedz — for those who enjoy leafing, not reading 23:00 on Thursday

MyFeedz is a spanking new “social newspaper”, no less, from Adobe Labs. It sounds very exciting for two reasons:

  1. It lets you import your feeds and promises to make sense out of the heap using the magic of tags, ratings and collaborative filtering.
  2. It’s from Adobe. You know, the people who make PhotoShop. And there’s nothing social in PhotoShop.

Yet, I fail to be impressed after playing with MyFeedz for an hour or so.

I have a hunch why, though. Maybe there are two kinds of people who read RSS feeds:

  • Those who click through a big lot of feeds the same way they skim through all the days newspapers during the morning coffee.
  • And those who only subscribe to specialist magazines, leaving no article or caption unread, making sure they’ve internalized every single bit of information. They treat their feeds equally, agonizing over the number of unread items, wondering who on earth needs the “mark all read” button.

Personally, I fall in the second camp.

And it bugs me that all software that has to do with blog feeds seems to be geared towards the first.

The MyFeedz solution is to use tags. Unfortunately I have never found anything really useful through tags. Not in Technorati, even less in del.icio.us. Tags are not magic droplets that reveal nuggets of gold when sprinkled over a shit-pile of half-assed blog posts. They just help you cut the pile in smaller pieces, but they do nothing to the smell. Finding the gold is still tedious, never mind often impossible.

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  3. Tommi Vilkamo Says:

    (off-topic comment)


    Yesterday, I got a really good insight how to test and prove your theory about WOW vs. Flow in user experience (you know, the thing about WOW being short-lived etc).

    I can’t tell the details at this point, but if the hyphothesis turns out right (and if I’m allowed to comment publicly), I will let you know later this year.

    Thanks for the fish.

    • tommi
  4. Niko Says:

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to hearing the results!