Jobs on the state of music 15:08 on Thursday

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has posted a thoughtful piece on the state of music business, explaining in layman terms why DRM is used, why it doesn’t work, and so on. Although not important in the context of the bigger message put across by Mr. Jobs, this sentence caught my eye:

It’s hard to believe that just 3% of the music on the average iPod is enough to lock users into buying only iPods in the future.

This is based on the idea/belief/lie of average users, and that statistics not measuring behaviour can still explain behaviour. If my average iPod has 22 songs purchased from iTunes Music Store, I can still be very, very reluctant to buy another player in the future. Why? Because if I’m forced to buy the same music again for another player I will feel cheated. I will feel stupid. And nobody likes feeling stupid, even less acknowledging it. So I can and will go to extreme lengths not to feel like I’ve wasted 22 euros on 22 songs.

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