Wikis need deep linking 20:10 on Tuesday

Wikis are valuable tools, that I see. I’ve got my own wiki for keeping note of my shifting interests. We have a wiki for Pussel, our team of freelancing designers, developers and friends. I participate in a wiki discussion about ideas for future organizational patterns.

All of these feel slightly awkward. Wikis are not an intuitive tool for discussion and collaboration. If wikis would have the ability to do deep linking to pieces of content, the way Citebite does, it would go a long way to make the discussion more like.. well, discussion.

You see, you need to have the discussion on a single page to let the reader see all comments in context. These pages get very long and different threads emerge. So you need to be able to link to specific comments in the discussion.

Or maybe not. Maybe quoting would only be a way to make a bad idea just a little less bad. Maybe we need a totally different take on online discussion and brainstorming.

3 Responses to “Wikis need deep linking”


  1. Janne Says:

    Purple numbers. Never too popular, though.

  2. Janne Says:

    Oh yeah, at least PurpleWiki supports those.

  3. Niko Says:

    And I’ll throw in Xanadu, if only to get the old farts on the same page. Not at all popular, though.