Yeego 12:09 on Wednesday

If I have not praise Yeego before, I’ll do it now. Yeego is a hotel reservation service with a very usable and thoughtfully crafted site. If you’ve ever tried to book a hotel online you’ll know by now this is a rare gem. To top it off, their prices are often nearly half of the hotels’ regular prices. Reading this, this looks like an advert. But it really is good.

3 Responses to “Yeego”


  1. pajh Says:

    Found you through Google. If I may ask: what was your experience with Yeego?

  2. Niko Says:

    Cheap prices, fast customer service, great site. The only downside is, as they have to confirm the availability of rooms most times, you might end up asking for hotel after hotel only to find out no-one has the required rooms. Lately they have suggested a “pre-confirmed” alternative too, so they seem to be working on the problem.

  3. RW Says:

    I booked 2 rooms through Yeego recently, guaranteeing my reservations with a credit card, and allowing Yeego to charge my credit card for the reservation prior to my stay. That is a contract for a transaction as far as I see.

    Suprise, my rooms were cancelled by Yeego. Big dissapointment. As I used to be Senior Management at Expedia.com in Europe, and with Hotels.com as well, I have got some experience in online distribution of hotels.

    I find their practices ridiculous, when you reserve a room and guarantee it with a credit card, you’re supposed to get a room. That’s why it’s called a guarantee. Yeego on top is the party charging customers, so that makes it a transaction.

    I can only recommend all of you NOT to book with Yeego. There are 100′s of websites that are much better and that actually respect their customers.

    (booking.com, expedia.com, travelocity.com, venere.com, hotel.de are just some examples of great sites for your hotel reservations).