Chandler: How to make a seemingly good idea fail in a few short years 17:42 on Monday

I had completely forgotten about Chandler, an application I was excited about years ago for its potential to be a “revolutionary” new approach to managing email, calendars, etc.

Looks like it has shaped up during these years and there’s even an installable binary available.

What I fail to see though is, what’s so new about Chandler? Joel Spolsky writes about Chandler’s problems in detail. Lots of insightful and very funny parts there:

What kills me is the teams who get into the bad habit of holding meetings every time they need to figure out how something is going to work. Did you ever try to write poetry in a committee meeting? It’s like a bunch of fat construction guys trying to write an opera while sitting on the couch watching Baywatch. The more fat construction guys you add to the couch, the less likely you are to get opera out of it.

At least turn off the TV!

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