False advertising, not technically, but realistically 22:31 on Sunday

if I now buy this Nokia phone am I really able to:

  • Make purchases using my phone
  • Use my phone as a travel ticket
  • Access mobile services more conveniently than before
  • Refill my HKL travel card over the air
  • Talk around the world

Taking into account an inconvenient thing called reality, the answers to above questions are: no, no, no, no, and no. In respective order.

This is not advertising to consumers. This is advertising to technologists interested in NFC. But does the consumer know it?

My guess is no, they don’t. There is a disclaimer — so? An ad is a promise, with or without a disclaimer. Since when it started to be good business to lie to consumers? (Well, that probably happened like 200 years ago)

UPDATE: Of course Zune reserves a mention when talking about non-functionality in advertising.

2 Responses to “False advertising, not technically, but realistically”


  1. Janne Jalkanen Says:

    Then again, you cannot buy the phone now.

  2. Niko Says:

    I’ve been misled! ;)