Software marketing never ceases to amaze me 21:48 on Tuesday

If anything, Enso is an excercise in old school marketing. “Innovative interface.” “A completely new way to use a computer.” Yawn. Have you guys ever heard of OS X?

5 Responses to “Software marketing never ceases to amaze me”


  1. Eddie Says:

    Yes. I’ve never used Quicksilver but I’m aware of what i can do. I just didn’t think far enough ahead about combining QS with other apps and functions.

    In any event, I never used “innovative” nor “a completely new way to use a computer.” I do think any announcement that seeks to bring a more user centered approach to using a computer is definately worth a mention on my group forum… new idea or not.


  2. Niko Says:

    My bad. I actually was meaning to refer to the Enso site and their promo video, then linked to you, and didn’t think that this invisible connection of text and link would be misleading. ;)

    I only saw the spell checking / dictionary aspects of Enso on the video and that’s something you can do in most every OS X application already. Point your cursor to a word, press ctrl+cmd+D (which is the default shortcut, or not) and voila you get a small popup with the definition of the word. When writing, there are spell-checking options in the context menu.

    And as you can see, I did not remember to use this feature when writing “excercise”. ;)

  3. Eddie Says:

    Well, I certainly appreciate the link :) -and truth be told, this has actually put me that much closer to getting a Mac in the very near future. I’m only learning about Quicksilver in the wake of this Enso thing. I’ve been looking it up every since. Quicksilver/enso matches how I would love to use a computer- half command line, half gui, mix and match, both available exactly when I want them. The flow and ingegration you speak of (ex: the spell check) probably the the biggest draw (for software and hardware)

  4. Niko Says:

    If you want to geek it up a notch, consider LaunchBar. It’s pretty much equal to quicksilver and I can’t really say why I chose LaunchBar, QS just doesn’t do it for me.

  5. Eddie Says:

    Thanks for the link, I’ll dig into it.

    Dang! speaking of typos and spellchecker. Who was that guy posting up there?