Why iPhone sucks 15:59 on Friday

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Courtesy of Apple

Following discussions about iPhone it seems to be taken as a given that to succeed in the mobile phone market:

  1. You need superior technology
  2. You need a wide portfolio of products
  3. You need to come out with many new products each quarter of a year

This very well might be the business environment created by the mobile phone companies themselves, but I have a hard time believing this is what the users really want. In fact it sounds so unbelievable there’s probably a lot of research and statistics showing this is what the average consumer wants.

But we’ll see who wins: Apple’s iPhone with “old technology”, strong focus on user experience and two (or in my opinion, one) models, or someone a company like Nokia with blamed usability and bleeding-edge tech in a wide array of models.

4 Responses to “Why iPhone sucks”


  1. Sami O Says:

    I hope it’s the end user that wins, as the iPhone surely will bring innovation to mobile industry, thus leading to new devices that are easier to use, more relevant and cheaper.

  2. Tina Aspiala Says:

    I hope this will be a big kick in the pants for Nokia to pay more attention to their user interface design…customers have been complaining for years, but maybe the competition will be a loud enough voice.

  3. Ross Says:

    Regardless of whatever statistics there may be out there I am calling bullshit. Apple blew everyone out of the water with the iPod because it simply worked, and I feel sure the iPhone will do even better. People will realize they are dealing with a user interface that is actually pleasant, and it will blow the others out of the water. Like when you see someone using an iPod and someone using the non-iPod standing side by side. The one using the non-iPod looks like there is a rope being pulled from his ass but trying to enjoy it. The one using the iPod looks like he is enjoying life.

  4. Romulox Says:

    First of all Ross, I have a non-Ipod and I absolutely love it. It holds tons of my favorite songs, the interface is easy, it’s smaller than any ipod and has an easily replaceable AAA battery that lasts a couple of weeks(I use rechargeable and there’s always one ready.) I know a few people with ipods and they always ask me, “Hey, that thing’s pretty cool, how much was it?” When I tell them it was $20 they get pissed that they spent $100+ on theirs. Plus mine can play more file types than the ipod. Oh well, to each his own.