Accelerating over the chasm 23:32 on Tuesday

This is something I commented on in Pirkka’s blog (in Finnish) but wanted to share here too:

Could it be that the increased rate of new technology being introduced to us has taught us to learn the stuff faster? Or at least adapt to new stuff faster?

This could mean that consumers have become quicker to cross the chasm: if it previously took two years of early adopter usage to get to the chasm and (hopefully) move the product over to the majority of consumers, it can now happen in six months. So in effect the consumer adoption curve has been time compressed.

Crossing the Chasm

But at the same time, the curve represents technical maturity of the product, and this curve has not compressed — products don’t mature significantly faster than before. This results in misalignment of the consumer adoption and technological maturity curves, which would correlate with mass markets being inflicted with more and more beta quality products.

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