Trend Blend 2007 18:01 on Saturday

Trend Blend 2007

Fortunately for the Future Exploration Network, they point out their Trend Blend 2007+ map is made for fun and should not be taken too seriously. Unfortunately, it looks like some thoughtful people have taken it seriously and are pointing to it as a hot source of trend information. The map even has copy cats (again, attributed as being totally unscientific and almost useless, but definitely fun).

Yes, both maps look kind of cool at first glance. Both maps list essential words, scattered on lines of varying color. But when you start to read the trend blend map, you get wisdom like:

Between Globalisation and Ageing, there’s Long Tails, Simplicity, and just across the River of Consciousness you get to Labour Migration.

Or maybe you’d like to ponder over what does Time Compression say to you on the Personalisation-Globalisation-Anxiety-Ethics axis.

My verdict? The maps make a colorful wall decal. Just remember to position them far enough so nobody will read them.

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