2007 – the year of social responsibility 19:30 on Tuesday

Social responsibility is a rising tide, says not only me but the man on TV, too.

Companies are finding their conscience — or just another way to please customers and then milk their wallets, depending on whether you take a more optimistic or pessimistic stance on the corporate world. Despite unearthing vast evilness in business, social responsibility was a key theme in The Corporation, a documentary I watched recently.

Ordinary people are buying co-located cows as presents to their friends. The actual animals go live in Africa and the recipient of the present gets a warm, fuzzy feeling. And maybe a picture of the happy mammal.

Wal-Mart intends to push fluorescent light bulbs to 100 million US homes to cut energy use and educate people about saving energy.

Some MTV awards show I glimpsed yesterday was full of messages about being environmentally friendly, putting out the lights you don’t use, Moby asking for “no red dots”, ie. switching off devices on standby. Turns out MTV (in the US) has a whole section of their site dedicated to make people think.

And here’s the house superstar Eric Prydz educating MTV kids to spend less water and electricity, all the while ripping off Pink Floyd:

  1. The year it became trendy to be socially responsible. And for me, the year it became acceptable to be trendy.

So why don’t more people switch to the new bulb? Seth Godin thinks the story is missing.

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  3. Ivanka Majic Says:

    I think that it doesn’t matter whether companies do it to improve profits, I just think it matters that they start displaying a social conscience. Let it start with lip service if necessary as long as it happens.

    Here’s to being trendy.

    Happy New Year!