I M Location 21:35 on Friday

Since our Team of friends got a small office space to work on projects together — for almost a year — I’ve been looking for an application that would switch my iChat status automatically depending on location. At home it would say so. At the office it would let friends know they can come there to find me.

And finally, I found the solution in IMLocation. Hardly a finished application, it’s currently at version 0.14. But so far so good, it does what it says on the tin. No more people asking “what are you doing at the office in the middle of the night??” when I’ve forgot to change the status manually.

So how does IMLocation do its magic? Here’s a quote from the homepage:

The location is determined by the unique identifier (called the “MAC Address,” although it is not related to Apple) of the wireless access point or ethernet jack you are using to connect to the internet. The first time you access the internet somewhere, IMLocation asks you to name where you are. The next time you go online there, IMLocation can automatically change your iChat status, telling people where you are.

Mac sweetness.

5 Responses to “I M Location”


  1. Mika Tuupola Says:

    You might want to check Plazes and their IM plugins. Of course you have to be a registered user. Only bad thing about Plazes is that their S60 software does not support N73. But whose fault is that. Theirs or Nokias?


  2. Niko Says:

    Morooo! :) Hmm, looks nice. IMLocation allows me to have many different status messages and the application doesn’t have to be open (yes, there’s a background process). Then again, it doesn’t always change the status automatically. ;) I’ll have to think which one I prefer.

  3. Vincent Gable Says:


    I’m the guy who wrote IMLocaiton. I’m very glad that you found it useful!

    I’ve been steadily working on it (looks like it’s been 10 updates since you blogged about it). But I’m starved for feedback from people using it. If anybody who is using it could take a few seconds to let me know any problems they have, or just their general opinion, that would be a big help. If you’ve stopped using it, the reason why would be an even bigger help :).

    Also, the website is now: http://www.vgable.com/imlocation/ although the old one should redirect you.


    –Vincent Gable

  4. Niko Says:

    Hi Vincent, I am still using IMLocation and a bunch of my friends are too. I actually had some sort of idea for improvement, but can’t remember it now. I’m sure it will come back.

    I have recently started using Jaiku so personally I would like to see my Jaiku location be automatically set by IMLocation. But I guess going that route could mean you would soon have support requests for tens of web services, making IMLocation a complex mess of service authentication settings etc.

  5. Vincent Gable Says:

    Niko, thanks for letting me know.

    Actually integrating with web services is something I’m working on right now. I will try and add Jaiku support — right now I’m working on facebook and tiwtter, so it will be at least the release after next before I get it working.