Trying out Google Reader 00:52 on Tuesday

Google Reader Beta logo

I moved my feeds over from Shrook to Google Reader. Turns out when time is thin, not even smart folders can find the gems in feed chaos.

Very conveniently Google released a beta of their new feed reader, and having used it for a couple of days it rocks. Two major nuisances though:

  1. I can’t rename tags / folders. Having put ten feeds into a folder, I have to load each one by one to move them under a different folder. I’ve talked before about the need to provide hierarchy along tags, but this “tags are folders or maybe vice versa” is confusing.
  2. There’s no search. Yes. A Google product. Without search.

Otherwise Google Reader is very, very good. At least as good as the desktop applications available. Feed readers are a new breed of software so it’s logical this is where web apps could catch on most quickly.

2 Responses to “Trying out Google Reader”


  1. Tommi Says:

    I’ve been using Google Reader for mobile feed reading for some time now, but only for a selected few feeds. For regular harvesting the web-based GUI is still too slow.

  2. Niko Says:

    I forgot to mention the quite excellent mobile reader! Have you tried the new Google Reader? Using it with Firefox, it’s faster than Shrook was for me (Shrook is slow though).