Delaying interruptions 12:52 on Monday

Walk don't walk

As Kathy Sierra pointed out earlier, it is very hard to live the internet-enabled lifestyle and resist the continuous interruptions that come with it. So here’s my offer to partially remedy this problem by delaying the interruptions:

I need a way to quickly mark events that need to be taken care of. Quickly as in sub-two-seconds, not as in one minute.

Especially events of unimportance, that are part of the life of every netizen 2.0. For example, I hear a great track on Dave’s Lounge podcast and I want to tag it as “wishlist” on my last.fm page. This tagging takes about 2 minutes. The interruption it causes takes at least 15 minutes to get back to flow. Usually a lot more, something like one hour.

I want a metaphorical button I can press to tag the moment. Maybe it could save a record of what was happening in my life 2.0 at the moment: time, of course, the music I was listening to, my online presence, open applications (including web apps), open web pages, open chats, the previous communications I received like the last phone call made (by the power of bluetooth) and the last emails sent and received (if not too distant in time), etc…

By checking this record I could be able to recall what I wanted to do at that moment. Maybe.

Wants vs. needs is a favourite topic of mine and I strongly suspect the capability of people to differentiate between these. So I’m not at all sure I need this button, or that it would make my life better. But it would make a nice proto for how to handle interruption 2.0s.

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