Simplicity sucks? 22:57 on Sunday

People want complexity. In his recent article usability guru Don Norman testifies his love/submission to push marketing. So do people really love complexity, or is this a scam of push marketers aka liars? Wasn’t it the social net 2.0 that’s supposedly making honesty count? Does an honest feature list still sell more than an honest account of happy users of a simple product?

2 Responses to “Simplicity sucks?”


  1. Tina Aspiala Says:

    Hmm. On the other hand, when presented by something complex and something simple in a place like Ikea or Lidl, I’ll pick the simpler thing because it’s less likely to break. Also, does this theory also apply to software? If I offer my grandmother the choice of typing a letter on Word or on TextEdit, I bet she’d prefer the latter. I also hear constant complaints about people “just looking for a SIMPLE phone.”

  2. Niko Says:

    Using a mobile phone as an example of a software application (that’s what it is after all) I would say the consumer thinking goes along those lines: a simple phone is less likely to break. Whether that is true is altogether a different story.