Todo anxiety 18:38 on Saturday


Today’s desperate brain fart to cure todo anxiety:

Don’t try to fit “a bit of everything” into each moment.

First, finish those things that…

  • you know how to finish and you can see the finish line, and
  • which absolutely need to be done.

Even if those are not the things you most want to do, you have decided to do them nevertheless. So if you intend to finish those things, finish them first.

Of course it could be that you neither want to, nor have actually decided to do those things. In that case, drop them now and for ever. Before they cause more headaches for you.

One Response to “Todo anxiety”


  1. Niko Says:

    Had to comment after I saw the picture… “anxious … -see NERVOUS” … something similar with our music project: http://www.nervousanxious.com :)

    Good brain fart btw.