Tagbombing 23:12 on Thursday

You might have noticed I’ve added Technorati tags to some of my posts. But deciding which ones to choose is not that straightforward.

dove bomb (by musiquegirl)

It’s easy to think of tags as a marketing vehicle and include a lot of very loosely related tags: I want all people who are interested in my chosen tags to see this post. For example, I could tag this post with “web 2.0″ because I write about tags, and tags are oh-so web 2.0.

But do those who subscribe to the “web 2.0″ tag really want to see me rant about how to use tags? Maybe those people keep tabs on the “web 2.0″ tag because the tag (should) provide them with highly contextual thinking about “web 2.0″. Indeed, my good-willing friendly message is the noise among the signal.

This is wrong. It’s a great responsibility for the blog writer to categorize and tag their posts appropriately. Maybe the users should be tagging the content, not the bloggers? Then again, without the tags set by the blogger, the users would not even find the content.

Taking yet another view on meta-tagging, maybe the users could vote on the tags set by the blogger. If I go through a fictitious “podcasting tools” tag in Technorati, and bump into some smart-ass post advertising the sender’s podcast, not a tool, I could cast a vote to remove or ignore the “podcasting tools” tag on this particular post. Kind of like those spam reporting systems where the users label email as spam and when enough users think something is spam, it gets auto-labeled as spam for the rest of the people.

Would it work?

2 Responses to “Tagbombing”


  1. Jere Majava Says:

    I share your sentiments. I’ve found collaborative tagging systems like del.icio.us to be great filters, but I almost never search Technorati using tags. I do think tags can be useful in blogs, but more so as a personal index, complementing the TOC of the categories.

  2. Niko Says:

    I’ve thought about replacing my categories with tags, and making them hierarchical too. We’ll see if I ever get around to that. ;)