Jaiku and Twitter 20:16 on Tuesday

I have now played a bit with the online presence services Jaiku and Twitter. The only remaining question is simply: why? Why bother? Why tell the world what you are doing? What’s the use? And yes, I think you do need to provide a benefit, or the users will leave after then wow is gone. The benefit doesn’t need to be a ROI, but maybe an emotional benefit of some kind. I’m not getting it.

Three reasons:

One: I’m pretty busy at the moment, so I don’t have the mental bandwidth for virtual gadget lust.

Two: These services suffer from Metcalfe’s Law. They’re only useful if your contacts are using them as well.

Three: Unless you’re the type of a person who gets all pumped up for being able to constantly let everyone know what you’re doing, even if you’re not sure they’re listening, the effort-to-benefit ratio is not good. I could see there being a benefit of knowing whether a friend of mine is available for interruption, or seeing where my friends are going on a Saturday night. But this assumes that a friend posts updates 24/7 about what he’s doing and where, yet I need that information for maybe one hour a week, possibly less. Realizing this, the 24/7 posting just seems like too much effort.

Then there’s that aspect of just keeping tabs on my friends’ updates “for fun and entertainment”. It could be just me, but watching what others are doing, described in three words, sounds like the world’s most boring reality show.

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  3. Tina Aspiala Says:

    This is exactly what I meant with my previous rant about web 2.0–in theory it’s nice to know what my friends are doing, but it’s hard enough to decide what I should be doing next, let alone remember to tell everyone else? “Am making a sandwich.” “Working on the X project.” “Going to the post office.” “Feeding the cat.” Where does one draw the line at constant life reporting?

  4. Janne Says:

    You’re pretty much describing my issues as well. I built my own mobile presence system the other day, but there’s just not enough for me, you know?

    And frankly, I don’t even care where my friends are. I know there are some tightly-knit groups in which this stuff works really well, but I think for the most part I am happier when I don’t know exactly where everyone is ;-)

  5. Timo Says:

    I’m suffering Twitter overload at the moment:


    But it’s quite fun.

  6. Tina Aspiala Says:

    Yipe! It kind of seems like Telepathy Liteā„¢–how would you feel if your friends’ hour-to-hour random thoughts invaded your brain at a steady clip? Hmm. Maybe that says a lot about my current relationship to my cell phone..time to switch that thing off sometimes, methinks. ;P

  7. John Evans Says:

    On point 3, if your using the Symbian client for jaiku then it actually is always upto date as its pretty automatic. But yeah I completly agree with point 2