Value networks 17:30 on Friday

Added value networks to my wiki. Value networks are a meshed, more complex version of the idea of value chains. Interesting and highly relevant to our book in progress.

2 Responses to “Value networks”


  1. Tommi Vilkamo Says:

    The bad news about “value networks” is that when somebody starts to write one on paper or powerpoint, they tend to become overly complex. Too complex to be understood by dumb people like me… But then again, I shouldn’t blame the value network concept for the sins of people who write them.

  2. Niko Says:

    I would say that if a subject is complex, it’s not a good reason to simplify thinking about the subject only because visualization of the complex subject is difficult — possibly bordering on impossible. Not surprisingly, I’m also interested in that aspect of visualization. ;)

    Trying to come up with a more concrete example, let’s take the complex value network that is social services (not referring to social internet or web services here, but to real life social services like schooling, etc). Where does the value come from? Where does it go? Who adds value to the network? How? How do you measure the value? And where do you measure it? And when do you measure it? In the school systems the value is intangible and can come with a lag of ten years or a lot more. Quite possibly an impossible network to visualize, but simplifying the system because of it being difficult to understand does not benefit anyone.