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Somewhere on the Adobe site they wrote “web is missing expressivity”. That must have struck me as I can’t seem to get that thought out of my system. Researching it more, it seems they are using it more as a new word to label RIAs like Flash and Flex apps rather than talking about something interesting.

So, expanding on the term, what could expressive web look like? I’m all about structure over free-form presentation, yet I find expressivity intriguing. The way I’ve made the quotes and the “tumbles” look different from the main posts on the website is (in hindsight) probably a way to present the content in a more expressive way…

The other day I was really pissed off and expressed my hatred of computers. I felt a strong need for more ways to convey the emotion behind the words and all I had was bolding and font size.

The mostly horrible but widely customized MySpace pages are an act of expression. Customizing is hugely popular, which would indicate it is somehow addressing a strong want (not a need, I’ll argue to the end!).

Whereas the customizing is a separate act from verbal expression (writing posts), I somehow think the expressive web would have more to do with being able to express yourself visually along the verbal output.

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  1. Tommi Says:

    Yes, the idea of more expressive tools is 101% intriguing.