Jaiku first impressions 13:51 on Monday

Everything 2.0 has to be explored, exposing your presence to the world included. So I opened a Jaiku account over the weekend. Not least because Jyri and folks are nice people whose more-and-more-like-a-startup-evry-day venture I want to support.

Jaiku beta logo

For those who don’t know, Jaiku is another virtual place to post your life online. The Jaiku twist is their emphasis of presence, what you’re doing right now, where, and are you available for interruptions. For now I’m only using the website, but Jaiku started as a mobile app for S60 phones, which enables you to set your presence on the move (providing you have an affordable mobile data plan…).

First impressions: I wonder if I could somehow change my Jaiku status from the iChat menu. Technically, I guess it would be possible for Jaiku to monitor the AIM status of my account. Would be a convenient addition — my experience shows that long term (ie. after the wow wears off), setting presence status in two apps is too much. Hence I’m using a Jabber hack to enable messaging with my MSN contacts through iChat.

Another, possibly even easier option to implement would be widgets. For OS X Dashboard. For Google start page. For all those other start page thingies which I don’t personally use.

Third, some kind of integration with Last.fm maybe? It seems to be The presence indicator for the music obsessed.

And last, RSS feed for “Latest from you and your contacts” would be nice… I could put that on my Google start page and peep on other people’s lives every time I open a new browser.

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