Collaborative tagging of blog posts 16:13 on Tuesday

collaborate by trixiebediam (on Flickr)

The problem with blog feeds is that there’s too much potentially interesting stuff out there. The signal to noise ratio just isn’t too good. Here’s an idea for some budding tech entrepreneur who wants to get slashed and crunched for contributing to the well-being of blogosphere instead of the world at large:

A service that allows readers of blogs to tag posts as “positive”, “rant”, “speculation”, etc. Feed readers could then use these tags to filter out undesirable content. It would work a bit the same way as collaborative spam filtering: if ten people say a particular post is a “rant”, it probably is. The tags could be assigned on the blog site or maybe even directly through feed readers.

Useful? Yes, for the few of us who subscribe to hundreds of feeds and yet only read a tiny fraction of what gets posted…

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