And nobody lived happily everafter 16:14 on Sunday

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Are happy endings not allowed in TV series anymore or am I just being overly miserable? It seems like nowadays every TV series has a bad ending. In the last 15 minutes of the last episode of the (currently) last season of any given series, the main characters are shot (preferably in slow motion, with emo music playing in the background), their families’ houses burned, and loved ones are lost (maybe killed too for extra effect). If death is a bit too much, you can always shock the viewers by making the characters overdose on drugs or, gasp, exposing their love for their own gender.

Looks like there is a competition between the TV producers on who creates the most shocking season ending. Or is it just about creating as much suspense as possible in hopes of securing financing for the next season? Money over substance.

It sucks. I don’t even want to start watching new series anymore because I know the ending will disappoint me. Why watch an engaging, complex mystery if you know the mystery will never be solved. It worked for X-Files, but it’s getting old.

Give us resolution. Give us meaningful endings.

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