Clean with steam 09:57 on Friday

Rant/humour warning. Depends on your tastes.

I like LG products. They seem to be innovative, pretty nicely designed, and cheap considering what they offer. What I don’t like about LG is that their whole internet presence sucks. (And their phones don’t sync with OS X, but that’s a different story.)

LG Steam Direct Drive washing machine

Being lazy with ironing (ie. I never do it) and yet a fan of clean clothes and new technology, I was excited to see an ad in Image magazine about the LG Steam Direct Drive washing machine. A powerful steam generator in your bathroom — what kind of a tech freak wouldn’t want that? (AND it comes in black.) So, all these questions started popping up in my head: how do you use detergent with a steam washer? Does it work for all kinds of fabrics? Does it dry the clothes as well? The washing machine having apparently entered sales in June, there ought to be a lot of facts on the net.

But on LG’s Nordic site, there is no mention of the appliance. Well, actually there is one partial image of it in the header of washing machines section, but naturally you can not click on it. Their site search found zero results for “steam” or “höyry”. LG Worldwide site wasn’t better, the machine is missing from there as well. Search for “steam” yielded lots of results for cooking appliances, and two press releases about the washing machine. But no product info whatsoever. Limiting the search to “products” got me a list of 39 items like this:

ROOT&gtHome Appliances&gtCooking Appliance&gtCounter Top MC-156SH_AM1EGSC_English.pdf (548670 kbyte) /download/1194546346MC-156SH_AM1EGSC_English.pdf

Each row had a variable “relevance” percentage. Is result number 1 (MC-156SH_AM1EGSC_English.pdf) with relevance of 92% really more relevant than result number 6 (LMV-1631SW_AWHELCA_English.pdf) with relevance of 89%? Sorry LG, but your whole product search has an approximate relevancy of 0% and the site would actually do better without it.

My last resort, Google, restricted to various LG domains, got no results either. It couldn’t even find really simple stuff that I knew existed on LG’s site. This of course is not Google’s fault, but tells a lot about LG’s understanding of Google Juice. Which is around 0%.

So, my experience with the product has been ruined even before I get to a store and start thinking about a purchase. Bad business.

2 Responses to “Clean with steam”


  1. duvin Says:

    They’re Korean. Please do not try to explain their actions via rationality.

  2. Niko Says:

    That could sound a bit rude, but I know where that comes from… ;)