Tagging the tags 20:05 on Sunday

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Are there any sites that allow users to do “meta-tagging”, specifying meaning for tags? The problem with (and beauty of) tagging is that there can be numerous meanings for any given tag. Therefore tagging seems to work best for applications with a limited context, where the users have a certain level of unified vocabulary.

Flickr has the clustering feature which is basically a computer derived grouping of tags pointing to similar content. I’m interested in seeing manual, crowd-sourced grouping or clustering of tags. It could be specifying in a general way what meanings a given tag can have, ie. in what groups or clusters the tag belongs to. Or it could be taken to a more granular per-user level: when user nikon talks about wow he discusses user experience, not World of Warcraft.

If you know of anyone who has tried this, please send me links.

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