More on creating remarkability 10:06 on Friday

I’ll expand on the original idea:

  • Skill requires years of practice.
  • Effort requires unbreakable nerves.
  • Idea requires you to believe.

Idea is the only one of the three you can have in a blink.

Two personal examples:

Our book — Our friends might applaud us for the effort we put into writing it. Critics might comment on our skill of writing, but readers judge the idea of the book, and the idea only.

Softys — I have certain skill in Flash (although this has been drastically re-calibrated in the past two weeks), certain experience with graphic design, and some ear for creating music. To be more accurate, I’m not a player in the cutting-edge Flash world. I can’t impress anyone with my coding skills. Same goes for design. Music… well, I seemingly haven’t achieved anything quite remarkable with Softys (yet ;), otherwise the site would be Digged and /dotted and boingboinged and whatnot. I do put effort into Softys, but not the kind that would make site visitors wonder “how does this guy find the time and determination to do this??” And idea… well, apparently not remarkable enough. Could be I’ve relied too much on skill and effort, and those are not as remarkable as they are for me personally.


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