Creating something remarkable 09:16 on Tuesday

Watching the extraordinary nature of autumn Finland from a plane I got this thought:

There are three waysthings of which you must posses at least one to make something remarkable:

  • ShowHave extraordinary skill
  • ShowHave the staying power to show extraordinary effort
  • ExecuteHave an extraordinary idea

We admire and remark on people who are so skilled they can play extreme renditions of game music on a piano.

We admire the effort put into creating things any one of us could do, but only the crazy and fearless have determination for.

And most importantly, we of course admire a great idea. Many of those ideas are of the “why didn’t I think of that” kind. Like the $1.6 billion YouTube.

Creating something remarkable “on web 2.0″ (somehow quotes fit around it) seems to have been about showing technological prowess (skill), sometimes stressing out the effort (small teams, quick schedules, don’t quit your day job), but most often delivering on only adequate ideas.

Am I right?


4 Responses to “Creating something remarkable”

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  3. Tommi Says:



    Networks, connections.

    Hmm… I somewhat feel that the thing you put in quotes might be the weakest link in your post. Are you, perhaps, too close to see and phrase it properly?

  4. Sonja Says:

    What about ..to make something remarkable: * communicate a personal feeling significant to receiver?

  5. Niko Says:

    I will rephrase to clarify the original thought: there are three things you must have to make something remarkable. Or at least one of them.

    Communicating a significant feeling is a thing you can do, but to make it remarkable you need to communicate it with skill (the perfect rose nurtured and cultivated using one’s world-class skills in rose-breeding, given at the perfect moment), effort (a thousand roses is sure better than one), or an idea (forget the rose, think of something original).