That’s what computers are for 23:49 on Thursday

I’m running short on time lately with some Flash work underway, a backlog of unanswered email, a Slusnik Luna gig on Saturday at the Club Unity 10th anniversary party, our book and a burning desire to blog!

Break space

So here is quickie for all the interaction designers: when you ask the user to do something, why not provide a link that actually does the task for the user, automatically.

Consider this example sentence from the cyn.in site I’m going to tell you more about later:

To have the same note here as well, assign this SlashTag to it too.

So, to assign ‘this’ SlashTag to a note, you need to find the note (if not yet open), click and open the SlashTag editor, manually type in the mentioned SlashTag, and save the changes. Lots of small, annoying work. The kind we happily suffer with every day.

In contrast to that, consider the following:

To have the same note here as well, click here to automatically assign this SlashTag to it too.

(never mind the dubious “click here” copy) This message includes a link, which does the instructed operation with one click. Oh, the magic of computers.

Lesson over, folks.

By the way, slashTags are a rather nice idea. More on those later, too.

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