Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes… 19:09 on Wednesday

Make mistakes!

3 Responses to “Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes…”


  1. Tina Aspiala Says:

    This is something I think many Finns in particular need to learn. Risk-avoidance and overall caution can be a good thing, but when taken too far becomes paralysis. More on this: http://www.teelordit.com

  2. Niko Says:

    Exactly. Tee Lordit.. great idea! :P

  3. Juansi Says:

    Mistakes are part of real life therefore making mistakes means living.

    Making mistakes is the best (one of the best) way of learning how to do things right because being always succesful besides being almost impossible can be really boring ;-)

    No one knows how to do everything everyday and for those moments when someone does not know what to do our following our instinct is the best way in order to get somewhere and doing something and that will mean sometimes getting to the right point and sometimes getting to the wrong point.

    When getting to the right point will be great but getting to the wrong one will not be so bad: mistakes are the best school for almost everything.