Import 2.0 – Or the luggage allowance on web 2.0 apps 23:55 on Sunday


Could be the timesheet apps I’ve tried, but lately I’ve noticed a problem shared by virtually every web 2.0 product: everybody has export functionality, but no web 2.0 app seems to have import functionality. What’s the use of bragging about “no silos” and “free data” when you can do zilch with that data once it’s been freed. You can get inside the walled garden but you better leave your luggage out.

Every project, file, asset, etc management system I’ve seen works well only if everything is managed through that system:

  • Basecamp is of no use if part of the project communications go through email instead.
  • Logic Pro project manager is useless unless you manage each and every song, sample, and audio file with it. This includes making sure every file you use is compatible with it, not a small task at all if you know anything about that wonderful disaster zone that is pro audio production.
  • An information management system whether online or on the desktop is only a burden unless you can use it to search through all your important bits.
  • Running reports on a timesheet app that doesn’t have everyone’s hours is pretty pointless.

Of course leaving something outside the system does nothing to harm the system technically. But a software based management system is a lot more than software, it always comes with a process, whether implicit or not. Leaving things out of the system harms the process, and processes tend to break a lot easier than software.

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