Google Live Help prototype (unofficial) 15:56 on Monday

In the spirit of proto business, I offer an experiment in providing live help for Google search.

Google Live Help screenshot

The idea is fairly self explanatory: you type in search terms, and what you will be searching for is explained underneath the search box. This is obviously most useful for the more complex searches and most of the advanced search operators and modifiers are included in this demo. For a complete list of options check the Google cheatsheet and the documentation on operators.

The prototype also supports simple calculations and delivers results without reloading the page.

What’s still missing

Some operators are not yet implemented, namely:

  • date:
  • [#]…[#] ie. queries that match a range of numbers, useful for searching prices
  • safesearch: which screens out sites that contain explicit sexual content
  • site: doesn’t work well with word exclusions (“negative words”)
  • inurl: exclusions don’t work
  • + inclusion for otherwise omitted words is not implemented
  • OR and | operators don’t work. I think I’ll put them in at some point, but they are quite a complex thing to turn into intelligible English…
  • * operator for searching words that are near each other
  • …and obviously quite a many undocumented operators as well.

Please let me know what you think! Can you think of other uses for such real-time help?

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One Response to “Google Live Help prototype (unofficial)”


  1. Dennis Says:

    I’m about to cry…

    No matter what I do (and I believe I’ve done it right), I can’t seem to enable cookies to Google’s satisfaction, since I keep getting a message telling me I must “activate cookies”.