Wishlist for bloggers 10:44 on Friday

I’m a lazy reader and I guess many people are. I need stuff on the net to be written for scannability. And blogs are the content I read most. So if you’re a blogger, write for scan readers. The longer your post, the more you should think about scannability. Here’s my three wishes:

  1. Write links that are meaningful. An example: don’t link to this post I wrote the other day, but link to a graph for defining user experience.

  2. Use bolding for the parts that highlight your message, the thing you really want to say here, the thing you started to write this post for in the first place. Like links the bolded parts should be meaningful even if the user only read these.

  3. Use italics for parts you want to highlight for people who read through all of your text. These don’t have to be meaningful by themselves, just in the context of the whole text or paragraph.

2 Responses to “Wishlist for bloggers”


  1. Tommi Says:

    Yes, nicely put.

  2. Juansi Says:


    Scannability? Short comments when blogging?

    Sometimes too difficult but you are quite right!